Alicia Layne


This is a few days late, but I am finally able to tell you about my wonderful Saturday. March twenty-sixth to be exact.

Jackie and I attended Pursebuzz’s BBC Mixer, (Beauty, Bows and Cupcakes) at the Bellus Academy, which is a cosmetology school in Poway that I would LOVE to attend. It was so much fun! I met some really cool people and youtube gurus. They were all so sweet. Being there helped me realize how much I would love to be a make up artist and also, how I need to start marketing myself…like now. 

After, we went straight to the Linksoul Lab in Oceanside for, the Feeding the Soul charity event/Makepeace Brothers’ concert. IT WAS AH-MAZING! I love them so much. Its ridiculous. They were so good. My creeper moment of the evening was when I was in line to use the restroom, and I double checked with a lady standing nearby the door if anyone was there and she said, yeah..she thinks so. AND THEN, WHO WALKS OUT? None other than Ciaran Makepeace (next to me in the one of the pictures, he’s wearing a grey shirt). I turned and looked at Jackie, completely astounded that I got to pee after he did. It was a magical moment. Jason Mraz was also there, I think he sort of discovered the Makepeace Brothers and took them on tour and what not, and were able to meet him and get a photo. 

It was a wonderful day, pretty much the best day ever.